Sky map with D3.js

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Interactive, adaptable celestial map done with the D3.js visualization library. So, GeoJSON for sky stuff. Which surprisingly nobody has done yet, it seems.

Features display of stars from the Hipparcos catalogue and deep sky objects (DSOs) with a selectable magnitude limit up to 6, or choose different GeoJSON data source for higher magnitudes. Also shows constellations with names, lines and/or boundaries, the Milky Way band and grid lines. Alternate coordinate spaces e.g. ecliptc, galactic or supergalactic are also possible. Full support for zoom and rotation with mouse or gestures. The interactive viewer has a form that can set most parameters live on the map


Solar System map with D3.js & three.js

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An interactive Solar System simulator (a.k.a. Orrery) implemented with d3.js for data handling and three.js for visualization. Shows planets as 3D bodies with surface texture and trajectories, as well as small bodies as simple sprites. Optional spacecraft with images and trajectories (tbi). Full support for zoom and rotation with mouse or gestures.

Asteroid families

Interactive plot with D3.js

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A 3D plot of asteroid families by proper elements and colors implemented with D3.js. Shows main belt asteroids grouped naturally by their proper orbital elements semi major axis (a), inclnation (sin i) and eccentricity (e). The color coding is from diagnostic colors indicative of composition.

THREEx Planets

   Planet simulations for three.js

All body Demo Earth & Moon Demo GitHub Repository

An extension for three.js, originally created by Jerome Etienne, improved and extended because I needed convincing displays of all the major Solar System bodies for my orrery (see above)


Since the maps use d3.js, three.js and HTML5 canvas, they need a modern browser with canvas support, so any recent flavor of Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera or IE 9 and above should suffice. Check out the demo interactive viewers linked above or download the tarball *.tar.gz which contain everything for local usage tp play around with the data and code. Local loading works fine with Firefox; Chrome needs to be started with command line parameter --allow-file-access-from-files to load local json files. Or use a local web server environment.

Thanks to Mike Bostock and Jason Davies for D3.js and d3.geo.projections. And also thanks to Jason Davies for d3.geo.zoom, which saved me some major headaches in figuring out how to rotate/zoom the sky map.

Released under BSD License