SEH - Space Exploration History

The Solar System

Behold: the entire history of Solar System exploration in one graphic.

Showing all missions beyond Earth orbit send to explore Solar System objects since 1958.
Some more documentary listings/garaphics:
Ground Segment Map overwiew
Missions, Destinations, Launch sites Lists
Rockets in one graphic in order of appearance

Space Telescopes

Extensive description here

Spectral Range of all operational and future space telescopes and some ground based examples for comparison
Spectral Range vs. Angular Resolution for operational scopes

The apps require a HTML5-capable browser, so all fairly new versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and what-have-you should work. If your browser only shows a static image, it is too old.


These sites (and books) helped me greatly to gather all the data represented here:
National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC)
NASA History Astronautics and Aeronautics Chronology Series
Solar System Exploration Mission Profiles
JPL Mission and Spacecraft Library
Encyclopedia Astronautica, Mark Wade
Jonathan’s Space Report, Johnathan McDowell
Spaceflight Realtime Simulations and Information, Daniel Muller
Earth Observation Portal, ESA
Gunter’s Space Page, Gunter Krebs
Johnston’s Archive, Robert Johnston
The Planetary Society, Emily Lakdawalla et.al.
Venera: The Soviet Exploration of Venus, Don P. Mitchell
Russian Space Web, Anatoly Zak
Spaceflight 101, Patrick Blau
Zarya Soviet, Russian and International Space Flight, Robert Christy
Visual Satellite Observing FAQ
Weebau Space Encyclopedia, Pierre Bauduin
and of course all the mission websites linked in the app above.
The Planetary Society, planet images
Planetary Maps, Steve Albers
NASA Visible Earth
Moon shaded relief
Mars MOLA map
Dr. Paul Schenk (Neptune Rings)
Historic Spacecraft, Richard Kruse (Rocket images)
Solar System Data
Planetary Fact Sheets (NSSDC)
Solar System Dynamics (JPL)
The Astronomical Almanac Online (USN)
Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature (USGS)
Minor Planet Center (IAU)
Planetary Data System (PDS) - Rings node - Atmospheres node
Deep Space Chronicle, Asif Siddiqi, NASA History Monograph SP 2002-4524
Soviet Robots in the Solar System, Wesley T. Huntress, Jr. & Mikhail Ya. Marov, Springer 2011

Spacecraft positions algorithm with great help from Project Pluto

Released under BSD License